Neeraj Choudhary

neer***** | 94*****88125th Sep, 2016

It has been almost 6 months and we can say we are lucky enough to have been in contact with Kamal sir. He has guided us in every aspect of life personally and professionally. He is an expert analytic both in Vastu, astrology and other areas. He has not only perfectly analyzed issues related to personal and professional but has guided us very well. We can already see positive results. Kamal sir is an all rounder hero may be its reiki, dowsing, Vastu, astrology or be it anything. His predictions are always perfect and makes sense scientifically. There is a reason behind everything he shares and explains it very well. I will strongly suggest services offered by SRI KAMAL. No need for beating around the bushes get the perfect sensible consultation with guaranteed positive results. Above all he treats us all as family and we are blessed by the welcome we get every time we visit him. Once you get in touch with Kamal sir, he predicts and guided you in every aspect of life. Many thanks to sir.

Soumitra Roy

98*****10622nd Sep, 2016

Hi, I am overwhelmed with joy and want to share my personal experience with the effectiveness of reiki done by Sir. My father is a chronic asthma patient for last 30 years and only 25 percent of his lung works according to medical report. After going through the best treatment done in Chennai there was no such improvement and he has to take lot and lot of medicines daily. Then my father got the opportunity to go through 7 days reiki session by Sir in last December. Today, finally I have received vast medical test report and doctor said that finally there is improvement in my father`s lung and health condition. It`s me and my entire family has no words to thank Sir for his blessed reiki session.

Sonika R

soni***** | 97*****44611th Aug, 2016

It has been 3 months I met Kamal uncle and since then a lot of positive changes have happened to me!!! His astrological prediction and advice Is to the point and very accurate. Kamal uncle is very different from the commercial astrologers who come in the television. Once you reach him, he spends a lot of time,listens to you and genuinely cares for you..I would say this is a place for people seeking genuine advice and solutions! I also did the level 1 2 reiki workshop which helped me de stress and fight my fears and also most importantly I started to love myself!!! Any problem I have the first person who comes to my mind is Kamal uncle! Thank you Kamal uncle and Asha aunty!


writ***** | 98*****32311th Aug, 2016

I met Kamal sir more than a year ago for various issues I was facing. Since then he has been a guiding force to my family& myself. His predictions and solutions are very precise. He does not follow the regular preaching method, rather he provides knowledge to understand the situation and coaches us to analyze & handle them, which is the best part I have liked. Together Kamal Sir and Asha Mam are a great support and loving people. Thanks for being there for me!!


essk***** | 78*****42110th Aug, 2016

Kamal Ji is an expert in what he does. He is NOT the kind who will say anything to just please you. He is someone who is not scared to call a spade, a spade! Extremely satisfied with his services and his suggestions worked 100% for me and my family. Above all, hes a great human being too.

Sandhya V

81*****32726th Jul, 2016

I would like to share my experience on this public platform of consultation taken from Sri Kamal Ji of Vaastu vIgyan. I had approached him for multiple problem I was facing since. We shifted to our new flat and never trusted on Vaastu. One of my friend suggested me Sri Kamal Ji`s name… after meeting him I understood how nature effects our lifes and about five elements, whih if not balanced at home raises many problems. He is a patience listener and explained every thing in scientific manner. I took his advise and also reiki sessions . which gave me results with in 2 months. Excellent person very scientific. Thank you sir Sri Kamal for all you guidance.


73*****76716th Jun, 2016

No words, excellent personality, very scientific…Thank you Sri Kamal Ji

Sunil Venkatesan Iyer

suni***** | 92*****84615th Jun, 2016

Vastu Vigyan has excellent problems solving all the personal and professional issue. I am very happy satisfy with Mr Kamalji and his advice from him. I know that all my problems will be going to solve and I trust on Mr Kamalji. Thanks Mr Kamalji.

Ranjan Paul

70*****7859th Jun, 2016

I have had the privilege of consulting Sri Kamal ji for vastu of my house. I was impressed after going through the testimonials posted and found out that he is a very scientific and a good listener . His advice has given us a new life. No words can adequately describe how invaluable his advice was for me and my family. His advice has helped me a lot. We highly recommend Sri Kamal ji of Vaastu Vigyan to those people seeking genuine and scientific advice.

Vera Kumar

87*****95017th May, 2016

I was thrilled after reading the reviews by all of you and hence approached Sri Kamal, after consulting him found the same quality and patience to listen to our problems. No words to explain , just want to say we have improved our lives and made a huge impact on our lives. Sri Kamal answers all our questions preciously and quickly. The atmosphere we receive is very pleasing. Thanks to Sri Kamal guru ji.


99*****2074th Apr, 2016

Want to share with all people reading this,I had back pain and wrist pain since 3 years, Dr. advised me to go for surgery for wrist pain as there was lump. Some how got connected to Sri Kamal JI, through my nephew`s friend, Approached him and he suggested 8 healing session of reiki, as I was new to this modality of healing system, he explained me everything in details. I opted for it and today I have no words to thank Sri Kamal ji sir, the lump is subsided and the back pain is totally gone. Thank you deep from my heart Sri kamal ji, you are like messenger of god for me..Thank you to save me from trauma , what I had undergone since 3 years. I am almost 90 percent perfect now.


97*****9051st Apr, 2016

Kamal Sir has a very scientific view and explanation of things which he shares.

Kreeti Name Changed

92*****1045th Mar, 2016

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and as I was filled with fear, a friend suggested I go for Reiki treatment before starting chemotherapy. After my first Reiki session, I felt unbelievably calm and in control, and that has stayed with me. Before starting chemo, , they would scan to see if the tumour was shrinking. I received Reiki treatment following week, and a few days later I noticed the lump had gone down considerably. My Hero and Guru for all this was Sri Kamal Ji, He then trained me in First & second degree and began practicing Reiki self-treatment. After my second chemo, I could not feel the lump. my oncologist confirmed that she also could not feel the lump. After speaking with my doctor, they decided there was no need for me to have a scan until I finish chemo in October. Now am perfectly fit with my reiki practice on along with medical advice. I bow my head to Sri Kamal ji for all that you have done for to sail through this turmoil.


80*****7959th Feb, 2016

Sri Kamal Ji is loving and patient Reiki Teacher; I have taken my Level 1and 2. He has a beautiful way of teaching Reiki with high integrity . Sri Kamal is also a powerful facilitator for healing. Sri Kamal is also a very intuitive light worker . I recommend Sri Kamal Ji to anyone who is looking for a caring and dedicated Reiki Teacher and healer. Not to miss I got rid of my headache, which I had since 5 years.


70*****5483rd Feb, 2016

Simply amazing , I got desired results in 4 months time.. Thanks Sri Kamal ji for all the guidance and rectifying vaastu… No words to describe my satisfaction and happiness. Thank you Sri Kamal ji


95*****38116th Jan, 2016

First of all, Thank you Sir Sri Kamal Ji for all your support and guidance, which was an eyeopener for me and my family. I have approached many astrologer and Reiki Masters for my problems. Almost everyone since 2 years , who ever came on Kannada TV channels. Spent huge amount of money, with no rectification to my problems. I also approached a person comes on TV after visiting him he scared me and my family saying there are many spirits attach to my body. It surprised me a person without any tools and gadgets how he told me that. My inner conscious never believed him and his theory. I got feed up from all these people and finally landed on Sri Kamal Guru Ji`s website and page. I approached him for my problems . I just want to say he is an amazing person with lots of patients and goes deep into you problem. He suggested me few yet simple remedies to come out of my problem which worked wonders. Than I decided to learn Reiki from Him. After learning and doing meditation for 21 days I got Amazing benefits in way of health and peace. Thank you Guruji for all you help and guidance. You showed us the right path and made us understand what soul journey is . All genuine guidance seekers can approach him.


81*****93614th Jan, 2016

I approached Sri Kamal for my many problems not one. I saw the reviews and approached him firstly had doubts put into my mind for Vaastu of my house by me friends. I started calling vastu experts for solution of my problems. since 1.5 years had taken constancy of many experts, with problems remaining same.. Hanged what every they suggested me put mirrors and Blah Blah. One day I browsing and landed on Vaastu vigyan page . Something pulled me towards Sri Kamal , I approached him, for a visit of my house. after analyzing he did small changes and asked me to remove certain colour from particular direction. Sri Kamal ji assured me that you will start seeing the results very soon and to my surprise, I got desired results within 2months time. Latter I approached him for my chronic back pain and took reiki healing, which also gave wonderful results and am very satisfied. Strongly recommend to approach him for genuine and scientific analysis and advise. He is a person believes in universal force. Thank you Sri Kamal Ji


bala***** |  99*****7714th Jan, 2016

I reached out to Shri Kamal for Vaastu for my house and then was later Introduced to Reiki by him . Shri Kamal quickly suggested easy to implement Vaastu solutions which worked greatly in very short time .Then for my personal development he suggested Reiki which again helped me personally to grow as a person and develop a positive outlook toward life and universe around us . Shir Kamal is great person , unique person who is helping many overcome their problems of life and pursue a life of value and meaning with positivity all around .Meeting him was turning point for me and I am following his guidance and its doing wonders for me . I would strongly suggest people to take advice of Shri Kamal . Thanks a million to Shir Kamal again.


98*****64713th Dec, 2015

I got the contact details of Sri Kamal online and was very happy to have got an appointment immediately and not like the others who had asked me to wait for 6 moths for a similar appointment. His guidance in regards to vastu issues were very simple and effective. The Reiki I received was also helpful. I have seen an improvement within 2 months time period. Thank you Sir for all your help and guidance. Would definitely like to recommend him.

Anand Kakarla

anan***** |  98*****767

Simply wonderful and practical advice from the bottom of the heart by Kamal sir. Thank you Kamal sir, really soul filling experience. I Would strongly recommend who need timely advice at critical junctures to consult Kamal sir. Thank you.

Sarabjit Singh

dire***** |  93*****03417th Nov, 2015

It has been an eye opening experience with Kamal Sir . A genuine person and a great guide who is willing to walk that extra step in order to put you at ease. My experience with him on the professional and personal front has been very enriching and feel blessed to have his companionship. Wish you all the very best Sir and hope you keep guiding a lot of misguided people to the path of truth and honest solutions. We owe a lot to you. Thanks once again for showing us the correct path.


98*****69815th Oct, 2015

Sri Kamal is very frank and answers precisely to the problem. I have consulted him for my depression for reiki sessions and after taking 5 reiki sessions, I have seen amazing change in my condition. ( almost rectified). After seeing these healing results, I also wanted to take his expert opinion on vastu of my house. Sri Kamalji pointed out some flaws and gave solution yet simple to perform. This is 02nd month that I am feeling so energetic after all this consultations. Thank you Sri Kamalji for guiding me through this difficult path.


kame***** |  99*****36914th Oct, 2015

I have consulted Sri Kamal for advice on vastu compliance of apartment that I am going to buy. First of all he is very friendly and explains things very clearly. He patiently clarifies all doubts and questions. I am completely satisfied with his advice and recommend to others.

Rathik Raman

70*****93723rd Sep, 2015

Sri Kamal`s approach in Vastu is highly appreciable as he does not compromise on the wishes of the client but goes strictly by the laws of the nature and the science of Vastu. I have heard of miracles but never experienced it by visit of Sri Kamal and guidance he gave. I have seen life changing for good and I also took Sri Kamal sir`s reiki healing sessions and got rid of my my long standing stomach problem, another amazing healing power of sir`s. Highly recommended for people got fed up of others, try him once you will see the change. Thank you Kamal sir for all you help and guidance. Asha mam many thanks to you for getting us connected to Sri Kamal.


90*****8184th Sep, 2015

After consulting Sri Kamal I can see dramatic results in my personal life. I wanted the skills and knowledge to apply these principles in every aspect of my life, hence I learned Reiki from Sri Kamal and I am feeling so good and nice. I recommend Sri Kamal sir`s service to everyone seeking genuine advise. Thank you sir for all your guidance.

Dr.vinod Kamat

97*****4969th Aug, 2015

“At first I was skeptical about Reiki and it`s benefits( being a Dr.), but now, Not only did I feel very relaxed as soon as I stepped through the door, I came away feeling more relaxed than I have ever felt before. . I will definitely be booking myself again at Sri Kamal for Reiki Healing . To sustain the reiki Healing and the positive vibes I also Requested Sri Kamal Sir to visit my house.. He rectified with simple remedies and I have seen the results. Hearty Thanks Sri Kamal Sir. I know you are blessed by universe and keep on giving these blessing to us also. I would sincerely urge anyone looking for an alternative to conventional therapies to try it for themselves.


81*****2345th Aug, 2015

I have been using Sri Kamal`s services since 3 years and I am impressed by its consistent delivery of service. Your Counseling and guidance are insightful and have influenced my career decisions in particular. I also want to personally thank you for Reiki sessions done recently and happy to broadcast that I am 100% rectified and got rid of Allopathy, The Pain in my thigh is vanished. Hearty Thanks Sri Kamal Sir.

Dr Anuprita D G

anup***** |  98*****68314th Jul, 2015

Words are not enough to thank KAMAL SIR .He guided me about my house vastu .His reiki sessions were amazing and relieved me from my long standing hand pain .He is a good counselor ..It would not be fair on my part if I dont mention ASHA Mam who is a very loving person .May god bless them with all happiness .


89*****9787th Jul, 2015

I would recommend Sri Kamal as he has done my personal places like home and office. After being satisfied with him, my company would like to continue this association as he is very dedicated and sincere in his approach. A scientific person and I have also taken Sri Kamal Reiki healing and got amazingly benefited. I recommend Sri Kamal to people seeking right path and purpose of their life.


70*****4624th Jul, 2015

Sri Kamalji has a wonderful intuitive power and is definitely a very calming influence. I always look forward to my regular Reiki Healing and find them so relaxing. I have found these treatments to be a great way to release tension and restore balance to my body and mind. You can be sure you are in safe hands with Sri Kamal and I have no hesitation in recommending him. I can definitely say that Reiki helped unlock my grief and without it I don`t know where I would have right now.


77*****7602nd Jun, 2015

Sri Kamal just want to say a very big thank you for guiding me precisely on vaastu of my business establishment and introducing me to Reiki. I must say that the reiki 1 & 2 workshop was amazing, truly enlightening and blessed. Since doing the workshop I feel peaceful, calm where as before I was erratic and could not sit for longer. So a big thank you for welcoming me in to your home and sharing your knowledge and energy with me. Best wishes!!!!!!


rams***** |  97*****74626th May, 2015

Guided me precisely followed his advise on Vaastu as well as Reading, Started seeing the results and scientifically explains, Thank you Sri Kamal Ji for all your guidance.


90*****70718th May, 2015

Thanks is not enough to share my experience but I must Thank Kamal Sir for being like a guide for me. He is not only a guide, he is a mentor and guru for me. I was almost lost when I met him and now really its kind of his magic which healed me and my soul. The best part is he & Asha madam both of them treats us like a friend or a kid. It actually made to feel very very happy and comfortable. Thank you so much for all the support and care 🙂


89*****58311th May, 2015

Sri Kamal Sir “I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me during my Reiki session. I came to Sri Kamal because I had been experiencing an extreme lack of focus, and I needed to de-stress. It was a pleasant experience and I was looking forward to the next session. I hadn`t even thought that healing my back pain would be possible. However, upon waking the next morning, my back pain was gone. 10 years of annoying aches Gone. Thank you Sri Kamal Sir making me think positive and for the Healing.


82*****7677th May, 2015

I have no words to praise Sri kamal ,Excellent personality, guided me precisely followed his advise on Vaastu as well as Reading, Started seeing the results. A calm and good listener and scientifically explains, highly recommended for genuine path seekers. Thank you Sri Kamal Ji for all your guidance

Ashraf Irani

70*****49330th Apr, 2015

We are fortunate to have Sri Kamal sir expert in rectifying the energies and scientifically explains vastu in order to optimize its conditions. Ultimately making a happier and prosperous environment. Sri Kamal came to our house and did vastu analysis and a follow up remedy implementation. The sensitive nature of Sri Kamal showed how caring he is whilst treating with remedies as though it was his own home. We used his salt lamp energized by Reiki and we saw an amazing results.


85*****05227th Apr, 2015

Sri Kamal helped me with the proper layout of our new home. We are very satisfied with his help and the results. His knowledge in the field of Vastu Shastra is very impressive and scientific. Thank you from bottom of my heart Sri Kamal, as you said I started seeing the results within 2 months.


70*****49127th Apr, 2015

Sri Kamal is Very calm and listens to client with full patience, I was not expecting a miracle to happen but the guidance I got from Kamal Ji was good enough to look deep within myself to seeks answers for many of my problem. Am Thankful to him for making me look towards positive side of my life and everything changed for good now. Thank you so much Kamal Sir.

Kalai Arasi

70*****35627th Apr, 2015

Within the first minutes of my reading, Kamal Ji revealed something that was completely surprising and yet brought an immense sense of comfort and relief. It brought me to the kind of tears only a deep, vulnerable truth can. Sincerely recommend Kamal ji for people looking for true and correct guidance on life Path.

Ashish Srivastava

ashi***** |  99*****00723rd Apr, 2015

My experience with Vaastu Vigyaan has been simply outstanding and to an extent life changing. We went to Kamal uncle to seek guidance on a few issues we had been facing in our personal life, and the response on sessions so far has been very effective. The best thing I like about him is that he listens to the problems very intently and with a lot of patience, does a thorough analysis and gives an honest opinion even if it is bitter to digest. His advices are very practical and easy to follow. We look forward to having a continuous engagement with the Uncle in resolving our issues completely.


70*****30522nd Apr, 2015

Sri Kamal Ji, thank you so very much . I am honored and grateful to be guided to you to be attuned for Reiki Level 1 & 2 and after completing my 21days. I amazing peace of mind and focused. Thank you once again for all you do and for coming into my life and teaching so me so much Amazing Personality. Highly recommended for People looking for Genuine Spiritual Guidance.

Ashwani V K

72*****00015th Apr, 2015

Sri Kamal Ji is Excellent ,guided me thoroughly ,very impressive I saw changes within 25 days. People seeking genuine guidance must consult him, he doesn`t create superstition, very scientific person . Thank you Sri Kamal ji.

Aarti D Souza

88*****93918th Mar, 2015

Sri Kamal has a unique knack of transformation by very simple means. I seeked her advice to slightly change my house planning and it has worked wonders. The service I got was reliable and to the point. Try him once a total scientific person,no string attached. Thank you Sri Kamal Ji.


98*****3169th Mar, 2015

Thank you Sri Kamal Ji for guiding me through Vaastu of my house, I have seen the changes happening with lot of positivity. Your simple yet effective Vedic tips helped me and my family to live happily now. Thank you from bottom of my heart.

Adhya Srinivas

88*****6269th Mar, 2015

Sri Kamal sir listens very patiently and gave thoughtful and practical solutions explaining each and every question of mine. I implemented his advise and started bearing the fruit. Even sometime in case of urgency I phoned him, he always helped me. We are proud to say that we have and are still availing benefits of his consultancy and services. We definitely and strongly recommend Sri Kamal Ji for anyone looking for genuine vaastu and Astrology consultancy. Consult him once you will not regret.


kart***** |  98*****1278th Mar, 2015

I was into very high stress and with low confidence before meeting Sri Kamal. The stress resulted in medical issues which clearly reflected in ECG medical report. Kamal gave me one healing session which was a heavenly experience for me, like something pulled out of my chest during the healing and I was in extreme happiness without any reason. Now my ECG and ECHO results are normal and I feel very light and confident now. Thank you so much Kamal for healing me and for giving such a wonderful experience.

Mhan H

80*****0768th Mar, 2015

It`s AMAZING how RIGHT ON TARGET you were..Every thing became true with in 15 days. Thank your so much Sri Kamal Ji.